E-commerce Solutions

With the growth in internet usage and increasing consumer confidence in online purchases, creating an e-commerce website is not a strategy anymore but a necessity. The competition among the eCommerce websites today is very fierce and every company or brand are trying different means to attract an online buyer. While earlier the brands attracted consumers with high discounts, exclusive products and etc but today every brand with an E-commerce website is focusing on providing a unique shopping experience.
Ecommerce as a concept has come a long way today and MX Creativity has always been in the forefront in creating Ecommerce solutions ahead of its time. We always consider the next 10 years and possible innovations, expected change in online consumer behaviour and more to design Ecommerce websites today. MX creativity is one of the top Ecommerce solution companies in India and we aim to become the #1 company in Ecommerce solutions.

Ecommerce Solutions


Phase 1 - Identify

Understand the core offering of the brand, the end consumer and their affluence level.

Phase 2 - Map the Traffic

Choose the most suitable website platform as per the traffic predictions and budgeting.

Phase 3 - Customization

Build in features and process of the website to suit the business objectives and match the customer expectation.

Phase 4 - Hosting Platform

Select the right hosting platform to rest the website considering various factors like traffic expected, SKUs, downtime, etc.

Phase 5 - Development & Monitor

Build the website basis of our research and strategy. We monitor the activities of the website closely to modify as per requirements.

Why Choose MX Creativity

We offer highly customised E-commerce websites that cater to each of your requirements. you can manage an unlimited number of categories on the website and add customized tools for ease. With us, you can manage your Ecommerce website with great ease.

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