SEO Friendly Content Writing

SEO Friendly Content Writing

The World Wide Web has brought things a lot closer to us than one could have ever thought of. And so today, when we need any information or things the first and foremost activity done, is to search the internet.

Now, have you ever wondered how the search engine works, how is the display order decided by the search engine as to which site should be displayed first, and so on, given that there is vast data available on the internet?

Search Engine Optimisation is the tool that helps in getting the site displayed on the top. To get this right we at MxCreativity provide the optimal content required to ensure that our webpage gets thetop ranking and is displayed over any other pages on the internet.

Our Team specializes the content writing which meets the maximum requirements of the Search Engine and ensures your website is displayed right on top to the audience looking for your services/products.

SEO Content

How do We Prepare for it

Phase 1 - Identifying the Right sets of Keywords

This is foremost important as it’s the keywords/phrase which users enter in the Search Engine.

Phase 2 - Perfect Headline / Title

The title or headline provides a brief about the page to the search engine and thus we ensure to have a catchy title having our keywords.

Phase 3 - Content with Keywords

Ensuring the keywords identified are well placed on the page.

Phase 4 - Write

Create powerful stories or content that can inspire your audience in one way or the other and engage with them effectively.

Phase 5 - Combine

Place the content carefully and purposefully in our designs to enhance the power of both content and design.


If your website, social platforms or other digital properties are your company's face then the content resting on those properties is your brand's soul or brand's personality. At MX Creativity, all of our services are interconnected and are backed by proper processes as well as research. Therefore, content form an integral part of all the services that we offer. With us as your content partner, every penny you spend on content is an investment which will reap you various kinds of benefits.
We provide content for websites, blogs, articles, press releases, social media posts, brochures, corporate PPTs, white papers and the list can go on.

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