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Social Media Optimization

As tricky as it may sound, it is one of the sure-shot long term method of retaining your customers, get new customers or even attract your competitors' customers! Just like SEO, SMO helps in improving the website traffic and additionally, it also helps in improving your interaction with the internet-savvy audience. The concept demands the brands to upload unique and quirky content out there on social platforms so that more number of people are interested to read and share the content.
We at MX Creativity have a team of passionate marketing professionals to strategically create premium online content to entice the audience to share the same. We have successfully helped many brands to encourage their target audience to share brand's content in an appropriate and relevant manner. Additionally, we also take help from specialised SMO software to amplify the impact of the program.

Social Media Optimization


Phase 1 - Discovery

We at MX Creativity take every necessary step to identify the right set of the target audience and their online reading behaviour and connecting factors between the brand and them.

Phase 2 - Strategy

Develop content buckets and create enticing content ranging from interesting text to catchy photos, gifs or videos.

Phase 3 - Optimization - Cover the Last Mile

Populate the designed content on relevant platforms with MX Creativity's internet army team.

Phase 4 - Create Connect

MX Creativity develops an atmosphere for two way communication and motivates the target audience to connect with the brand in some way or the other.

Phase 5 - Reporting

Create a report for all the activities along with their response and progress.

Who should do SMO?

Any company or individual who aims to develop a prominent mind share among the tech-savvy generation must consider investing time and efforts in SMO. The concept of SMO enables a brand to perform low budget and high-impact marketing activities. Over the period, SMO increases brand visibility and recognition among the relevant target audience and they are always ready to listen to you. Many of our clients have also experienced high traffic on their websites and product inquiries.

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